Sean Fisher Architect



What We Do

Sean Fisher Architect is a full-service architecture firm, specializing in residential architecture.  We have experience working with the historic fabric of New Orleans as well as on contemporary projects.  Regardless of scale and scope of the project, we approach our work with a holistic attention to detail, from the first concept sketch to the end product.

We are eager to listen to our clients needs while also encouraging them to consider new possibilities for their spaces.  Ultimately, we want to collaborate to create a beautiful space that our clients feel comfortable living in. 

About Sean

Sean is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area.  He did his undergraduate work in Connecticut, moved back to San Francisco, and then Chicago.  Finally, he moved to New Orleans in 2009 to earn his Masters of Architecture at Tulane University.  Since graduating in 2012, Sean has gone on to marry a native New Orleanian, with whom he has two young children. 

Living in various regions of the country and studying abroad in Japan has given Sean a keen interest in finding appropriate regional design solutions, while also giving him a broad palette of ideas to draw from.





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