Sean Fisher Architect



Take a look at some of our projects, both in process and completed.



California Spanish Style

This project is currently in the design phases. Taking advantage of the moderate California climate, we are working to improve the connection and access from the interior to new exterior decks and the existing pool. A new kitchen will further emphasize the Mediterranean style the client is striving for.


Historic Garden District

Currently under construction, the historic facade of this home will remain intact. As one moves toward the rear of the property and up the stairs, the property will become more contemporary, suiting the needs of the client.


Costa Rica New Construction

In the early planning stages, this project will be a new construction vacation home, sited in the steep Costa Rican jungle.  Although the site is stunning, the environment presents challenges, thus we are considering durable materials to withstand the salty air and high humidity.


St. Charles Avenue Townhouse

A second home along the parade route, we worked to open up the plan of an outdated townhouse. The ground floor is now a single, open space, great for entertaining.


Uptown Shotgun

We created an open "shared" side of the shotgun, inserted a new clerestory to bring natural light into the center of the house. The bedrooms occupy the other side of the shotgun, 1 grand master suite and 2 other generous bedrooms.

Retirement Dream Kitchen

A retired couple from California moved to New Orleans to be closer to their grandkids on the condition that they could have their dream kitchen.  A lover of cooking, entertaining and family, one can circulate around the kitchen while always staying connected to the action at the 12' dining table.